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ITS ALL VEGAN!  We have created a delicious and nutritious menu for you to enjoy.  Hot soups and pressed sandwiches, green salads, raw pastries, and superfood smoothies.  When possible, we source organic produce from the Refugee Response farm about a mile away.  We love to collaborate with other local small business like Philomena Bake Shop, Red Lotus Foods and Bucha Bill. 

At Daily Press Juicery & Vegan Cafe, we offer organic, delicious, healing, relaxing, energizing, beautifying, age defying, detoxifying, tummy soothing, disease fighting, mood lifting, and powerful juices.  We have a juice for all of your well being needs.  We use a cold press juicing method to ensure that the integrity of the produce remains intact.  This results in you getting the freshest most vitamin and nutrient rich juice!!  

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